Dnyanajyoti Research Series

Sr. No.Title of the ProjectProject TeamRef. No. Category
Year 2008
1Takaful Insurance : India Perspective K.C. MishraDJRS 1/2008D
Year 2007
1Life Insurance Co Risk Management PolicyK.C. MishraDJRS 1/2007D
Year 2006
1Change Management - Professional AcademicsK.C. MishraDJRS 1/2006M


2Livestock Micro Insurance in India A Project for the World Bank Olivier Mahul (World Bank)/R. K. Parchure(NIA)/G. Gandhi (NIA)DJRS 2/2006M
3NIA Training Evaluation - A Qualitative Assesment G. Steward Doss/G. Muntaqa/ G. Johri/R. Das/ S. D. Page/C. S. Kumar/Murali Iyer/Mangala Bakshi/Indrani Verma/Medha JoshiDJRS 3/2006M
Year 2005
1NIA on the Right Side of HistoryK.C. MishraDJRS 1/2005D
2Making of Digital Library, National Insurance AcademyAnagha Dhaygude
Jitendra Waradhi
Sharad Jadhav
DJRS 1/2005D


Year 2004
1Terrorism Vulnerability & Insurance Coverage Requirements of Corporates in IndiaK.C. MishraDJRS 1/2004D


2Bancassurance Partnership for a BankK.C. MishraDJRS 2/2004D
3Insurers in Bond Market for Investment and Credit Enhancement K.C. MishraDJRS 3/2004D
4Micro insurance – An Intervention Tool for Rural Capital Formation and  ConservationK.C. MishraDJRS 4/2004D
Year 2003
1Varsha Bonds & Options Capital  Market Solutions  for CropInsurance ProblemsR. K. ParchureDJRS 1/2003A
2Crop Insurance: The new babe of the Indian Insurance IndustryK.C. MishraDJRS 2/2003M
3Disaster Loss and Reinsurance potential in South AsiaK.C. MishraDJRS 3/2003D
4ECGC: An Evaluation of Opportunity Space for ECGC InsuranceK.C. MishraDJRS 4/2003D
5Poject RRT
Reduction of Response Time
National Insurance Company Ltd.
K.C. MishraDJRS 5/2003D
Year 2002
1Evaluation of FAIR Renet K.C. Mishra / D.Sengupta DJRS 1/2002D
2A study of Viability of LPA & Amedment of its Constitution K.C. MishraDJRS 2/2002 D
3Impact  of Information  Technology on the  Life Insurance Operation-A Qualitative AssignmentMrs.D.Vijayalakshmi/ Mrs. Lakshmi Raman/ G. Steward DossDJRS 3/2002 D
Year 2001
4Derivatives Strategies for Insurance CompaniesR. K. ParchureDJRS 1/2001 C
5Comparative Study of Health Insurance in Developed Markets vis-a-vis India S. P. Deshpande DJRS 2/2001 B
6The Mission and Vision Statements of National Insurance Academy K. C. MishraDJRS 3/2001  
7Quality of Training at National Insurance Academy - An Evaluaion G. Steward DossDJRS 4/2001 D
8Internal Quality in LIC G. Steward DossDJRS 5/2001D
9Organisational Climate in LICG. Steward Doss DJRS 6/2001D
Year 1999
10Rural Insurance Business - Potentiality & Marketing S. P. DeshpandeDJRS 1/99B
11Life, Death and Consumer Choice. R. K. Parchure /S. K. KuttyDJRS 2/99 C
12Testing Capital Asset Pricing Model in Indian Stock Market S. UmaDJRS 3/99C
Year 1998
13Assessment of Service Performance in the Operating Offices of LIC - Customers' Perception G. Steward DossDJRS 1/98 D
14A Comparative Study of Accounting & Reporting Standards of Insurance Industry - An International Approach S. S. Soman DJRS 2/98 B
15Life Insurance and Long Term Savings in India Trends and Patterns (1971-1995)G.N. Bhaskar RauDJRS 3/98 C
16Scope of Health Insurance - A Pilot Study B. Chakrabarti DJRS 4/98A
17Study on Sundry Hull - Marine Insurance Anita Khiani DJRS 5/98A
Year 1997
18Loss Research and Loss Prevention Engineering Insurance Sanjeev Joshi DJRS 1/97B
19Motor Claims Standardisation Project - Loss Assessment of Commercial Goods Carrying Vehicles in Different Accidental Situation N. C. DasDJRS 2/97A
Year 1996
20Deductibles - An Underwriting Tool V. J. DeoDJRS 1/96A
21Policy Holder's Perceptions of Life Insurance Policy Servicing G. Steward DossDJRS 2/96D
22Profile of an Early Death Claim G.N. Bhaskar RauDJRS 3/96D
23An Analysis of the Business Cycles of LIC of India (1965-1940) G.N. Bhaskar Rau DJRS 4/96B
Year 1995
24Consumerism in Insurance and Impact of Consumer Protection Act, 1986 on General Insurance G. Johri DJRS 1/95 B
25Motor Claims Standardisation Project - Accident Models & Computer Based User System for Premier Padmini Car Deluxe Model R. R. Joshi DJRS 2/95A
26Personal Computers in Decision Making M. S. Sane DJRS 3/95C
27Potentiality of Fisheries B. VyasakrishnaDJRS 4/95A
28Report on Mutual FundsS. Kale / S. UmaDJRS 5/95B
29Study of LIC's Equity Portfolio S. Ramamurthy / R. K. Parchure / S. Kale / S. Uma DJRS 6/95 D
30Study of Major Fire / Explosion Losses (1985-93) S. V. Kulkarni DJRS 7/95B
31A Study on Distribution Systems in LICG. Steward Doss DJRS 8/95D
32A Study of Equity Issues in the Primary Market (1988-93) S. UmaDJRS 9/95C
33A Study on Investments of LIC Policy Proceeds V. J. Dandekar / G. N. Bhaskar Rau DJRS 10/95B
Year 1994
34Estimating Human Capital Values to Assess Life Insurance Potential G.N. Bhaskar RauDJRS 1/94C
35Latur Earthquake S. V. KulkarniDJRS 2/94B
36Perceived Inadequacies of GIC's Personal Insurance Schemes K. HarikrishnanDJRS 3/94D
Year 1992
37Management Information Systems for LICM. Seetharamiah DJRS 1/92D
38Study of Major Fire / Explosion Losses (1987-1991) S. V. Kulkarni DJRS 2/92 B
Year 1991
39Role of LIC in Total Saving Mobilisation in India K. KulkarniDJRS 1/91C
40Uttarkashi Earthquake S. V. KulkarniDJRS 2/91B
Year 1989
41How correct are Insured  Estimates of Value (IEV) in Motor Private Car Comprehensive Insurance D. A. Rodrigues/ P.R. RaoDJRS 1/89A
42Motor Car Repair Cost : A study on Private Cars Repairs Claims Management in India A. Agarwal / P. R. RaoDJRS 2/89A
43A Study on Distribution Functions in General Insurance & Role of Intermediaries A. Agarwal / P. R. Rao DJRS 3/89B
44A Study on Professional Indemnity InsuranceA. Ramchandran/ C. D'MelloDJRS 4/89A
Year 1988
45Business Performance of Life Insurance Agents K. P. Sarma DJRS 1/88 A
46Claims Settlement in Life Insurance : A Mathematical Approach to Maximisation - Study Based on Data from Indore and Kozhikode Divisional Offices of the Life Insurance Corporation of India K. P. Sarma DJRS 2/88C
47Inland Transit Insurance Studies in Basic and Wider Cover RatingsP. R. Rao / J. D. A. Rodrigues DJRS 3/88A
48Motor Theft Claims - Problems & Perspectives (Pvt. Cars & Two Wheelers) P. R. Rao / A. AgarwalDJRS 4/88A
49A Study on Organisational Socialisation (Class I Officers Direct Recruit) T. Joshi / P. R. Rao DJRS 5/88C
Year 1987
51How Life Insurance Helps : A Study S. Balchandran DJRS 1/87B
52Lapses and Surrenders of Life Insurance Policies K. P. Sarma DJRS 2/87A
53Life Insurance and Working Women S. Kothari DJRS 3/87B
54Occupational Socialisation - Life Insurance Industry T. Joshi DJRS 4/87C
55Trends in Indian Motor Insurance BusinessP. R. RaoDJRS 5/87A
Year 1986
56Are We Fair to Motor Third Party Claimants P. R. Rao DJRS 1/86B
57A Profile of Policy Holders Raising Loans in Satara Division R. V. Joshi DJRS 2/86B
58A Study on Surrenders of Life Insurance Policies S. Balchandran/ C. D'MelloDJRS 3/86A
59Withdrawal Rates of Employees covered under Insured Group Schemes K. P. Sarma DJRS 4/86A
Year 1985
60A Close Look at Loss Reserving in General Insurance Companies in India - (2 Parts)P. R. Rao DJRS 1/85A
61Identifying Training Needs Among Officers Working in Divisional Offices of the General Insurance Companies R. V. Joshi DJRS 2/85C
Year 1984
62An In-depth Study of Personal Accident Insurance Business in India P. R. Rao DJRS 1/84A
63Leadership Behaviour in General Insurance Industry S. Balchandran/ C. D'MelloDJRS 2/84C
64Opinion of Life Insurance Agents P. Vaidyanathan DJRS 3/84C

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DNot For Sale
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