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BimaQuest – The Journal of Insurance, Pension and Management (ISSN 0974-0791) is a publication of National Insurance Academy, Pune since 2001. It is published in the months of January, May and September every year. It is also indexed in EBSCO database.

BimaQuest invites original contributions from both academicians and practitioners in the form of Articles, Research Papers, Case Studies and Essays on one or more contemporary topics in Insurance, Pension and Management areas (Marketing & Consumer Behaviour / Human Resources / Finance & Investment / Information Technology). 

We also invite Reviews of books that are yet to be published or published in the year of BimaQuest publication in the above areas. 

BimaQuest follows double blind review for shortlisting articles for publication. Authors whose papers published are given two printed copies and honorarium. 

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 Submission dates for the year 2017:

Publication Month

Last Date of submission of Papers, Articles, Case Studies, Essays and Book Reviews

May 2017

15th March, 2017

September 2017

15th July, 2017.

January 2018

15th November, 2017.


Last Issues

      Volume 16, Issue 2, July 2016   

- Service Delivery - The Ultimate Differentiator By N C Sharma

- In Pursuit of Excellence in Motor O/D Claim By Dinesh Kumar 

- Factors Affecting Private Car Insurance Purchases By Madan Mohan Dutta and Gautam Mitra

- Enhancing The Effectiveness Of Old Age Security In India By Use Of Traditional Indian Support Systems By    Venkatesh Ganapathy 

- Agriculture Insurance In India By Archana Singh 


Past Issues


  • Volume 16,Issue 1, January 2016

            - Article by  K. Ramachandran

            - Article by N K V Roop Kumar

            - Article by  R. Venugopal