Accreditation, Collaboration, Membership, Certificate


Academy has received full accreditation of LOMA, USA. Founded in 1924 by U.S. and Canadian insurers, LOMA is an international association through which more than 1,250 insurance and financial services companies from over 70 countries engage in research and educational activities to improve company operations.


The Academy has received accreditation of the Institute for Global Insurance Education (IGIE) .This has made it to be the 25th Global accredited academy and affiliates with CPCU,USA,CII,London and Canadian Institute of Insurance.


The academy has been recognized as an Associate Member of the Federation of Afro Asian Insurers and Reinsurers(F.A.I.R.) and also for imparting training under the Technical Cooperation Scheme of Colombo Plan(TCS).

Leeds City College, UK

Partnership involves Faculty & Students Exchange under the Professional and Technical Skills Strand of United Kingdom India Education & Research Initiative (UKIERI).